Caterpillar Hunter or Fiery Searcher

Beautiful Beetle
May 8, 2010
Here is a pretty beatle i found in my dogs bowl this morning, and thought i’d take some pics that ya’ll might enjoy. I was also wondering if this beatle is the end result of all the grubs i keep finding, i sent a pic of them before to ya’ll asking but havent heard anything. But here enjoy this beautifuly colored beatle.
Caitlyn in Austin
leander texas

Fiery Searcher

Dear Caitlyn,
We are very happy we decided to look at some old letters from when we were out of the office.  This gorgeous beetle is a species of Caterpillar Hunter known as a Fiery Searcher, Calosoma scrutator, and you may read more on BugGuide.  Both adults and larva are ravenous predators that feed on caterpillars.  Though we haven’t seen your other letter, the larvae of the Caterpillar Hunters are not at all grublike.

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