Caterpillar Hunter Larva: Stop the Carnage

PLEASE help! Please identify this bug.
Dear Bugman,
I found two of these so far. I think it is a beetle larva. Not sure if it is or not, and if so not sure what kind it is at all. They have six legs up front that seem short and it has VERY strong pincers up front/mouth area. The first one bit/pinched a plastic fork pretty good as I tried to pick it up to inspect, and the second one bit/pinched my dog on the tongue when he picked it up with his mouth. They are shiny black on the back and a grayish white color on the complete underside. PLEASE see attached photos. I am asking because I have disposed of both of them and do not want to kill a non destructive insect.
Thanks you for your time!!
Matt A.

Hi Matt,
Stop the Carnage. This is the larva of a Caterpillar Hunter, Calosoma scrutator, one of the larger Ground Beetles. Both the beautiful green adult and the larvae devour quantities of harmful insects, including the introduced pestilence, the Gypsy Moth.

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