Caterpillar Hunter Larva

Subject: Odd Soil Dwelling Bug..
Location: BC, Canada
May 13, 2015 5:26 pm
I was out gardening this afternoon and after pulling up some plants in my garden, up for the soil pops this black insect. I have only seen them dwelling withing the soil and never above ground like you would a normal beetle would, not that I am sure it is even a beetle..
Now I have seen smaller versions of this one, but this particular fellow was about an inch in length. Other times they have been about half that size.
I have no idea what it could be and it would be nice to get a name or any info on this bug.
Signature: Kat

Caterpillar Hunter Larva
Caterpillar Hunter Larva

Dear Kat,
This is the Larva of a Caterpillar Hunter, one of the Ground Beetles in the genus
Calosoma.  It is impossible to determine exactly which Caterpillar Hunter this will become, but the only species mentioned on BugGuide as being found in British Columbia is Calosoma frigidum.

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