Caterpillar Hunter Larva

Subject: unknown bug
Location: Santa Monica Mountains
March 16, 2015 8:23 am
I am so happy I found this service. Thank you for your expertise! I found this bug a couple of weeks ago in the Santa Monica Mountains. I have been keeping it with my meal worm farm and it has grown nicely.
Signature: Jeannie

Caterpillar Hunter Larva
Caterpillar Hunter Larva

Dear Jeannie,
We wrote to your briefly yesterday that this looked like a Caterpillar Hunter Larva and that it would probably eat your Meal Worms, and today there is a letter in our mailbox that we have not yet answered that contains a blurry image of what appears to be an adult Caterpillar Hunter in the genus Calosoma, so we decided to retrieve your letter and post it.  We believe this is going to be a significant year for the caterpillars of Whitelined Sphinxes in Southern California, so it might also mark an increase in Caterpillar Hunters, a predatory species.

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