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Red speckled beetle found in MN
I spent hours and hours looking at the 13 beetle pages (had to read most everything – fascinating!). Great site!!! Maybe this is not a beetle?? Because, I did not see this one anywhere. It looks somewhat like some of the wood boring ones, but not quite. I did find a White Spotted Pine Sawyer in my house just a couple of days ago, but I found an identification on line for that one fairly quickly. This one I am having less luck with. He has bright metallic reddish specks on his back in lines. In the photos, it looks like the red spots fade to green as they go down his hind end, but that must have just been the lighting – all the specs or spots are reddish – almost bright, dark pink even? I did not notice until I looked at the pics, but this little guy has a pretty good set of pincer type jaws too. He is very fast at crawling along – hard to photograph. I found him in my bathroom just cruising back and forth on the floor between the toilet and the tub. He/she is about one inch long. I am in East Central Minnesota (Ogilvie, to be exact = middle of nowhere on a 160 acre horse farm with more hay fields than trees). Thanks for your site!
Take Care!
Kayla Hagel

Hi Kayla,
The reason you could not locate your beetle on our site is that it is a new species for our site. We are relatively confident we located your Caterpillar Hunter, Calosoma calidum on the Ground Beetles of Canada Website. Eric Eaton provided this confirmation: “Congratulations:-) Yes, those two are BOTH Calosoma beetles. I don’t know how to tell the species apart, myself. “

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