Common Mime Caterpillar from Hong Kong

Subject: Bug
Location: Hong Kong
May 16, 2016 2:39 am
I’m a teacher in Hong Kong and one of my students and I have discovered a sort of caterpillar on campus and we would like to know what kind of bug it is.
We are south of HK, near a beach. The weather is warm and muggy, verging on summer.
Signature: Candice

Possibly Brush Footed Butterfly Caterpillar
Common Mime Caterpillar

Dear Candice,
We believe this is a Caterpillar of a Butterfly from the family Nymphalidae.  We will check with Keith Wolfe to see if he can provide us with a species name.

Keith Wolfe provides a correction.
Hello Candice 老師 and Daniel,
Don’t let those fleshy projections fool you, Bugman.  This is actually an immature butterfly in the family Papilionidae, specifically a Common Mime (Chilasa clytia) . . .
. . . which is probably searching for a safe place to pupate.
Best wishes,

Karl Concurs
Hi Daniel and Candice:
It looks like looks like a caterpillar of the Common Mime (Papilionidae: Chilasa [Papilio] clytia. It is native to south and southeast Asia.  Regards. Karl

Thank you very much! There are indeed many butterflies around here.

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