Male Thynnid Wasp

Subject:  Some kind of wasp?! Geographic location of the bug:  Palm Springs, CA Date: 06/11/2019 Time: 08:04 AM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Hi, I’m wondering if this is some kind of Wasp? Perhaps a bee ?‍♀️ I found it inside my house. But haven’t been able to identify what it is. Seems like … Read more

Female Five Banded Tiphid Wasp

Subject: Cicada killer? or Yellow Jacket? Location: Tampa, FL October 2, 2012 9:34 pm I just took this picture minutes ago on my back patio. This insect is parked on the edge of the cat food bowl and is happily posing as long as I needed. It’s still there, but I’m thinking that I need … Read more

Five Banded Tiphiid Wasp

Whats this bug? Location: Gaines, Michigan July 24, 2011 11:01 am These wasp looking bugs cloud around our yard, they never seem to land they just fly in circles. We caught one and it is less than an inch long, and it has weird antennas. They just appeared this month, please help! Signature: Alan Rodgers … Read more

Five Banded Thynnid Wasp

Help identifying this “long skinny bee”? June 10, 2010 Hello, These flying insects just began to appear last week. I have some children’s toys (inflatable pool, large molded plastic slides, large molded plastic playhouse) and these insects just appear to be swarming around them. There’s about 15-20 bugs around each toy and they never appear … Read more