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Subject: Butterwasp??!!
Location: Southern NJ
August 10, 2017 7:53 pm
Strange black wasp with butterflylike wings found in New Jersey . Looks like it has a long ovipositor.
Couldn’t find any similar photos –Help!
Signature: Thanks-Donna

Aulacid Wasp: Pristaulacus fasciatus

Dear Donna,
This is such a gorgeous wasp, that despite the difficulty, we were not going to give up until we got you an answer.  At first we thought this must be a parasitoid Ichneumon or Braconid, but we eventually learned it was neither.  We identified your parasitoid wasp as
Pristaulacus fasciatus thanks to this BugGuide image.  Of the family Aulacidae, Bugguide notes:  “Frequently mistaken for ichneumon wasps as they often frequent dead standing trees, logs, woodpiles. Note “neck” between head and thorax and the high attachment point of the metasoma” and “endoparasitoids of the wood-boring larvae of beetles (of several families, but mostly longhorns) and Xiphydria wood wasps.”  This is a new species representing a new family on our site, so we are creating a new sub-sub-category of Aulacid Wasps just to house your submission.

Dear Daniel.
Thanks so much for your quick reply-you guys are great!!!
Very exciting that you created a new sub-sub-category for our find!!!
Daniel I forgot to ask does it has a common name?

Hi again Donna.  We have not been able to find a common name, though PBase does call it an Aulacid Wasp, but that is just a reference to the family.