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Subject: What are these?
Location: Delaware
April 3, 2017 5:05 pm
Help please. I suspect these are mud dauber, but everyday 2 to 4 of these show up on my sliding glass doors. Not sure where they are coming from but want to make sure I don’t have a problem with something else.
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Aphid Wasp

We did not recognize your Wasp, and could not locate it in the Thread-Waist Wasp family Specidae, so we contacted Eric Eaton.

Eric Eaton Responds
This is a solitary wasp in the family Crabronidae, tribe Psenini.  They prey on leafhoppers if I am not mistaken, to provide food for their offspring.

Based on Eric Eaton’s response, we learned that the subfamily Pemphredoninae  which contains the tribe Psenini are known as Aphid Wasps.  On BugGuide, the tribe Psenini are described as “Slender, with a distinctly petiolate abdomen.”  That petiolate abdomen is the reason we originally suspected the family Specidae.  Aphid Wasps is a new category for our site.