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A Cool Site!
July 11, 2009
I wished to thank you for such an amazing and informative site; this from a non-bug lover who would have to honestly admit to some unnecessary carnage in her lifetime especially a creepy, crawly anything…
butterflies, (caterpillars of course) lady bugs (the only one loved out of the beetle family) and a few others I’ve never murdered, though lets not go into carpenter ants and the wealth of stories there!
Either way, I began to research a funny looking beetle I have come across both last summer and this summer and though I did have a beetle farm (I am an adult) last summer, I could not find one informative answer to what type it was. Having Googled ‘Common Household Canadian Bugs’ early this morning, your site came up and yet I do not see this beetle here either:( No worries I’ll take a photo at some point.
By providing such an incredible site however, you have educated my mind and I won’t be so quick to tissue squish a harmless insect the next time, afterall God created all even if some of what he created isn’t all that pretty! If bugs had a voice, I’m certain they’d agree:)
Lastly I was very much amused in finding your Nasty Reader Award in the uncaterogized section and laughed heartily over a response to someone named Johnathan by a ‘loyal bug fan,’ in the reason his pictures were not sent by e-mail of his bug, was simply because said bug ‘was up his arse.’ The explanation and vivid imagination with which one of your loyal bug fans winged into their response was delightful reading at best. Simply a great way to begin my day.
So again thank you and I have bookmarked your site to begin an adventure into learning while one day I may be able to report that ‘I am now A Reformed Bug Squisher.’

Dear Reformed Squisher,
Thanks for your awesome letter.  We are happy that we amused you.  We have been without a computer for two day and were unable to make any new posts, but our fast new computer is allowing us to expedite the response process.  Though we doubt we will ever be able to respond to all of our mail, at least we will be able to respond to more of it.  Your letter will have a permanent home on our fanmail page.

love your site
Thu, Jun 25, 2009 at 10:08 AM
I have used your website many times and really love to save bugs (and other small critters) from uninformed friends (and sometimes strangers) I found a robber fly today and used your website to identify it. My goal is to get some great pictures of the spiders that live on my back porch and send them in. thank you for your easily found information and helping to save bugs everywhere.
Morgan Hart

What’s That Bug?
Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 6:06 PM
I love your site. I check it every day to for the new wonder of the day. Not only do you give information and ID, but the photos submitted by your other fans are usually fantastic! So much beauty out there. And yet there are people who hate “bugs.” I always refer them to your site and tell them to say they hate the beauty and variety of the insects they see
Mary Thorman

2 June 2009
Sometimes at the beginning of the month, we have problems with our server and new images do not post live to the site. We are currently experiencing this problem. Please be patient.

Problem solved!!!!!

May 27, 2009,
I just have to tell you that I am in love with your website! I am an Archives Technician at the National Museum of Health and Medicine ( and during my graduate work at George Washington University I focused a lot of my attention on Integrated Pest Management. I am now the “bug girl” in my museum and I am always looking for new websites to assist me with identificaction. I hope to utilize your site more in the future!
Keep up the outstanding work, my bug-loving friends!
jasmine high

Hi Very Nice People Offering an Unbelievable Free Service,
I could just not resist writing the following note to the selfish, unaware morons who feature in your “nastiest person on the Internet” (aka “Nasty Reader Award” section). Thanks for posting their emails so that they cannot remain anonymous and get away with such anti-social behavior.
Kindest regards and gratitude,

Clueless Ingrates: your post to What’s That Bug (Jen Cifon, jonathanayres, Dawn)
Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 9:16 AM
I can’t believe that you are such self-centered and apparently pretty stupid people to EXPECT someone who offers you a FREE service (at their own cost, in their own time) to give you what you want, when you want it. Just who handed you your sense of entitlement?
If you had a smidgen of intelligence, you’d be off to some professional entomologist at some high $$, and THEN demand service. Don’t be so stupid and selfish to look a gift horse in the mouth.
It is people like you that are screwing up our society in a big way. You make generous people like the owners of “What’s That Bug?” give up through frustration, and ruin it for everybody else.
You are each a clearly clueless ingrate, acting like the brats that you are, and deserve only the worst in life. Get out of other peoples lives. Idiots

Hi JB,
Thanks so much for your support in the matter of our Nasty Reader Awards. We cannot believe the bile that some people spew because of the anonymity of the internet. We have been chastised by some people for our responses to the Nasty Readers, but we reserve the right to voice our opinion on our own website. Thanks again