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Cactus Bugs
This picture was taken in Carlsbad, New Mexico. Can you identify these cactus bugs?
Thomas Park
Blue Bell, PA

Hi Thomas,
These are Cactus Joint Bugs or Prickly Pear Bugs, Chelinidea tabulata, which is a robust species, varying in color from yellow tho reddish brown, dark olive green or nearly blackish. the length is12 – 15 mm. The nymphs are brownish or dusky with pale green or reddish abdomen. The bugs are nocturnal, often congregating in large numbers on the joints of cactus and causing yellowing, withering, and gradual death of the plants. The species occurs in the arid regions of Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, and Southern California. C. vittiger is a similar closely related species.

unidentified here in ohio
i have no idea where this bug could have come from and have never seen one like it before. it is the 15th of December and this bug just flew out of nowhere here in the house. can you please help. i am 47 yrs old and this is a new one for me

This is a Coreid Bug, also known as a Big Legged Bug or Leaf Footed Bug. It appears to be the Western Conifer Seed Bug, but we are not positive.

Gray hoards win squash
Hi Bug Man!
My first crop of spaghetti squash has yielded one small prize, and look who got it first. I didn’t find anything similar on the site. Know these guys?
Kelly B., Grafton, Massachusetts

Hi Kelly,
These are immature Squash Bugs, Anasa tristis. How surprising is that? I found a site with more information.

Thank you Daniel. Looks as though they are what killed the vine, too. Don’t think I’ll be eating that squash. Your site is saved under “favorites,” and my five-year-old son and I visit often. What a fun way to learn! We usually find what we’re looking for just by looking through the excellent photos — like the dobson fly, the hummingbird moth, and that freaky burying beetle that scared me half to death last year when I saw an obviously dead bird writhing and flopping about at my front door. My nickname for that bug is the re-animator beetle! Thank you for a wealth of information. -Kelly B.

Found these guys, 4 of them, crawling around on top of my trash can. Haven’t seen ‘em before. 6 legs, orange, spotted on the back, no pincers, long thin “tail” or stinger. Very aggressive.
Ben in Austin

Hi Ben,
We got a second opinion from Eric before writing back to you. He agrees that it is probably an Assassin Nymph. He writes: “Sure. Reminds me of a Zelus sp. of assassin, but photo is not detailed enough to rule out coreids, which would be my other guess:-)”

Correction:  April 27, 2013
Thanks to a comment from Dan, we now know that this is more likely a Leaf Footed Bug nymph.