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Two Unknown Bugs
Hi Bugman, I have two bugs that I have been trying to identify but cannot. The little winged ones were found at the underside of tree leaves and the beetle was found in our garden. We live in British Columbia, Canada

Hi Cheryl,
Your small bugs are Lace Bugs in the Family Tingidae. This is the first entry we have gotten for our site. We are seeking an opinion from Eric Eaton on the beetle. Here is Eric’s response: “The lace bugs are almost certainly in the genus Corythucha. Host plant information really helps in identifying them to species. The beetle appears to be a species of Carabus, but not one I’m familiar with. Definitely a ground beetle, and in the same tribe with Carabus if that is NOT the genus. Eric”

Update: (05/19/2007) A further identification for you
Hey there! Love the site. I noticed on your main page that Cheryl from British Columbia sent you images of lace bugs and a mystery ground beetle. Her beetle looks remarkably to me like a specimen I snapped a shot of last week on the other side of the country, just north of Toronto, Ontario. I think her mystery beetle is Carabus granulatus, an introduced species from Europe. Here’s a link to my picture as posted on
Dave Kleiman Thornhill, Ontario, Canada