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Can you identify this bug
This bug has invaded our new home. Mostly by the sink. Do you know what it is? Thanks for your help. This bug baffles me? What is this bug? Its in my sink right now and its only about an 1/8 of an inch big if that.
The Long Family

Dear Long Family,
Wow, three letters in a row in rapid succession. Guess you want instant gratification. You have Springtails. They often infest drains, pools and jacuzis.

What is this bug.
Hi, I have attached these few good images I could get of this bug. I have these near a door in my house. They a hairy and hop a few inches (2-5) at a time. And sometimes, they just walk around. Can you please tell me what they are and if I should be worried?
Belleville, IL

Hi Jon,
You have Springtails, most likely Ainsley’s Springtail, Orchesella ainsliei. They inhabit leaf litter, soil and fungi as well as wet vegetation. It ranges from New York to Iowa according to the Audubon Guide. In the spring, it often appears in great numbers. They might be a nuisance, but they are harmless, feeding on juices from decaying plant material.

Can you identify this bug for me?
I live in northern New Jersey. I moved into this new construction site, and I didn’t expect to have a such bugs problem from new house. I lived here since last September. I spotted this bug once or twice over winter, but it is out of control right now. I probably see 20-30 of them in windows frame and wall. They are crawling on wall and when I try to catch it, it can move very fast like roach. Sizes are very small, less than 1mm. Adults are between 1-2mm at most. Most of them are gray but I saw darker gray to black one as well. I sprayed "RAID Ant & Roach" on windows area. According to RAID, it can kill bugs upon contact upto 4 weeks. After I sprayed various area, I saw those creatures again next day and crawling around. It seems like their claims had failed or this bugs are immune to RAID’s active ingredient. By the way, I live in WALK-OUT Basement which means it’s in ground level. I am sending you two pictures I just took. It is picture of adult bug which was roughly 2 mm. Thanks in advance.
Jimmy K.

Hi Jimmy,
You have Springtails. They can get very numerous if the conditions are right. They thrive in damp weather.

Bug ID help
Can you help me Id this insect?
size: 2-3mm Characteristics: it jumps when touch. Found in sink and water areas. I live in Solano county, california
Michael J. Nguyen

Hi Michael,
We often get descriptions of Springtails, but we never get images of the tiny guys. Thank you for your awesome shot. Springtails can get very numerous in wet areas. Your image looks like probably Isotoma viridis which is very widespread. The elongated body is distinctive.

Just found you on Google
Hi there. I’m up near Burlington, VT, and came home late this morning to hundreds of these little critters all over my wood-sided garage. They’re about 2mm long and hop when provoked! Are these things eating my house? Do I call the Orkin man?? The CDC? The Croc Hunter?

Hi Rob,
It is difficult to be certain based on the photo, but considering that they hop, we are guessing Springtails. They are relatively benign, but can appear in great numbers to suddenly dissappear again until conditions are favorable again.

tiny bugs in the bathtub
Hi there – I hope you can help me. I live in Southern New Jersey and for the past week or so I’ve been finding tiny little bugs in my bathtub but, thankfully, no where else. They are about 1/16th of an inch long, and they smush very easily. I am not sure where they are coming from. They appear to have antennae and I think 6 legs, although it is very hard to tell because they are so small. They are sort of a grayish color. I’ve been washing them down the drain but they come back every day. Do you have any ideas?
Also – they appeared to jump when I sprayed the tub with vinegar, but maybe that was my imagination. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.Thank you so
Rebecca in NJ

Hi Rebecca,
Perhaps Colembola, springtails.

Thanks for replying! You are right! In the meantime I was able to find out that they were in fact, springtails. Thanks again for the reply! it’s good to know there’s help out there!!