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Ecuador Spider
I took a very poor picture of a large, hairy, white spider in the rainforest of Acuador near the Napo River. The guide referred to it as a Capuchin Spider. I know there are Capuchin Monkeys but can’t find anything on a spider by this name. Can you tell me what the name of this spider is? See attached.
Thank you,
Michele Hughes

Hi Michele,
There is a resemblance to the Dolomedes Fishing Spiders, and finding it near a river lends credence to that possibility. Eric Eaton noticed this posting and has this to say: ” Ok, the spiders from Ecuador and Costa Rica: They are most likely NOT wolf spiders, but wandering spiders, either in the family Ctenidae or Sparassidae. They tend to be more common, and even larger than, wolf spiders in the tropics. At least one species, Phoneutria fera, is extremely aggressive, with potentially deadly venom. Do not mess with large spiders in Central and South America! The venomous types are very difficult to distinguish from harmless species, and in any event, a bite is going to be really painful. These spiders sometimes stow away in bananas, houseplants, and other exported goods, so they can show up in odd places. Be careful where you put your hands.”

Update:  May 14, 2013
We now have a confirmation that this is a Wandering Spider,
Phoneutria fera, and it is a dangerous species.  See Encyclopedia Britannica and Animal Corner.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination