Two-Tailed Spider from Guatemala

Subject:  Pretty Spider Geographic location of the bug:  Antigua Guatemala Date: 03/25/2019 Time: 12:57 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Hey there! This gorgeous spider has been hanging out in my shower for the past 3 weeks. It doesn’t move, nor does it flinch when I move. It’s just been growing (look at size … Read more

Two-Tailed Spider from Indonesia

Subject: Beautiful Spider Location: Manglayang Mountain, West Cibiru, West Java, Indonesia January 26, 2013 7:43 am Hello again Daniel, Last Thursday I go to the abandoned cabin in the woods again where I found the wolf spider. This guy have this interesting long stretched legs, 2 tails like on the end of it’s abdomen, and … Read more

Two Tailed Spider from Australia

Two-tailed spider, Australia Dear Bugman, I noticed this smallish spider on the bark of a gum tree, only through my camera lens. Its camouflage is quite efficient. It took some time to identify, but I think it is the Two-tailed spider, Tamopsis. It is a very fast-moving spider, using a sort of combined jumping-scurrying movement. … Read more