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Black spider with a red dot
Your site is so informative, it’s making me less afraid of spiders! We live in west Alabama and found this one in our kitchen. I don’t think it’s a black widow because the body really doesn’t seem to be the right shape, plus I didn’t see an hour glass on the its belly (but there is a tiny bit of red). Could you identity this mystery red-dot spider for me? Thanks,
Kelly B.
Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Hi Kelly,
Your spider is a Red Spotted Antmimic Spider, Castianeira descripta, which according to BugGuide, has been reported from Alabama.

I found two identical spiders last summer crawling across my living room floor. I caught one and took it to the Fort Worth Zoo for help identifying it, since I spent a week on the internet and had no luck. They couldn’t figure out what it was. Now it’s been over a YEAR of searching and still no luck. Yesterday I found another one and took it straight back to the zoo. They still haven’t been able to help me, other than saying it might be a jumping spider. PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME, this spider is driving me crazy. I live in Arlington, TX. If you need any more info let me know. I know that it doesn’t trap food in a web, it runs up and catches it. Also, since I’ve found three I think they should be fairly common, but the fact I’ve yet to find it is very frustrating. Thanks for any help,

Hi Emily,
The shape, coloration and markings on your spider as similar to images posted on BugGuide of Ant Mimic Spiders in the genus Castianeira, but they are not an exact match. Our Audubon Field Guide, though, has a spot on match. Ant Mimic Spiders often live near ant hills where their antlike behavior confuses predators. They are found in the Southern states.

Hi, my family and I love the site!! Can you tell us what kind of spider this is?? My wife found it on her foot. My boys are very impressed she didn’t pass out because she hates any and all bugs. We live in central Oklahoma if that helps out any. Thanks

Hi Shannon,
Your spider is an Ground Spider, Sergiolus capulatus. We found it on Bugguide.