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crab spider
Where was this site when I found some crazy huge fuzzy spider!? I see the spider in my photo has been identified a couple of times already but I just wanted to share this photo (I’m just proud of it). I am actually terrified of spiders but still find them quite interesting. I like honey bees and I am wondering about the fate of the honey bee in the photo. They got into quite the scuffle and eventually the honey bee flew off – I am just wondering if he’d be alright after a a fight with one of these guys.

Hi Rebecca,
What’s That Bug? has been accepting correspondance from our curious readership online for over five years, and prior to that, for two years in print, though the modest photocopied American Homebody zine probably never crossed your path. Your Crab Spider is stalking a Bumble Bee, not a Honey Bee. Unless the spider sank its fangs into the bee, the Bumble Bee probably lived to pollinate numerous flowers after the near fatal encounter. Sadly, Crab Spiders do not know the difference between beneficial and harmful insects. Since Crab Spiders spend so much time on flowers, a large portion of their prey consists of beneficial pollinators.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Pale green spider with red stripes
Hello! While in San Antonio, Texas this month I noticed this spider on my parent’s backyard deck. Can you identify it?
Sheila Ryan

Hi Sheila,
This is a Crab Spider. They do not build webs. They are often found on flowers and are also called Flower Spiders. Crab Spiders are in the family Thomisidae. This specimen has captured a Fiery Skipper.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Bugman, an addition for your Food chain page…
Hello, Bugman! Noticed this camoflauged Crab Spider munching on a Sleeping Orange. I thought of the greatest insect website (yours of course), and took a few pictures for your Food Chain page. Enjoy! Big fan of yours,
Rachel Elizabeth
Dawson, GA

Hi Rachel Elizabeth,
You packed so many glowing compliments into your short note, and a wonderful image as well. How could we possibly not post your fabulous Crab Spider, which in this case earns its other common name, Flower Spider.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination