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silver fish???
I came across your site about a week ago and was trying to find out what kind of bugs were the ones I kept on seeing in my new apartment. Especially by the base of the fridge and the nearby baseboards. I had just moved in and had never seen such weird creatures…seemingly intelligent…but nasty at first look, especially when they runaway soooo fast!!! it’s like roaches on speed or something…someone said they could be Silver Fish…is that right??? What else do u know about them??? and how do I get rid of them???? Also…can they carry any diseases??? how big do they get???
if it doesn’t swim why do they call it a fish??? I’ve enclosed a close up shot of the BUG….along with a portrait with its brother…or sister??? thanks for your help

Hi Antonio,
This is indeed a Silverfish. They are among the most primitive insects living today. They are so called because their bodies are covered with shiny thick scales and also because of the way they wriggle when they run. they are slippery and difficult to catch. They feed on dry organic debris, and they eat paper especially if it contains sizing or glue. They can do considerable damage to books. They are not disease vectors.

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What is that bug?
I have seen this bug in our new apartment on many occasions. I cannot figure out what they are. They are pretty small. This is one is a little smaller than the head of a Q-tip. They have been found mostly on walls, in dark places, and more recently in the bathtub. Can you please help me figure out what this bug is?
Thank you so much!
Kita Hang
Minneapolis, MN

Hi Kita,
This is a Silverfish and most people would concur that they are household pests.

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Whats My Bug?
I hope these photos will suffice – afraid I cant seem to get a closer one. These little guys show up every time we put the sprinkler on or when it rains.They are in our house – as well as being all over outside. These little guys look grey, but have a very pretty gold to them in the sunlight. They are about 1/2 inch long. They are soft bodied and don’t seem to have a “shell”. They like to jump – about 2-3 inches – when you disturb them. They seem to like darkness and move a lot during the night. The top right photo is a scan of the underside of the bug. The rest are digital pictures taken with a webcam. I live in Williams Lake, British Columbia, Canada, and I appreciate any insight you might have as to identifying and controlling (read: keeping out of basement!) these little guys. Thanks alot!

Hi Christina,
You have Jumping Bristletails, Family Machilidae, relatives of Silverfish. They usually live under stones and leaf rubble.

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What’s the bug in the pictures called?
We were wondering what the bug showed in the pictures is called. We found it on a wooden fence in our backyard. They scurried out when we banged on the fence, and it was hard to catch them because they moved very fast.
Thanks a lot,
Pranav & Prag

Hi Pranav and Prag,
We usually get reports of Silverfish from people with household infestations. They are household pests that like damp dark areas, usually basements and bathrooms. As yours is outdoors, it is not really much to worry about. They are very primitive insects.

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What this bug?
Hello there,
I was wondering if you could help me identify this annoyance in our household. I’ve had absolutely no luck with other sites. I’ve attached a picture for you take a look. Most of these bugs were sited by old heaters in our basement apartment. Any help would be appreciated!

Hi Rob,
You have Firebrats, Thermodia domestica, a type of Silverfish. It is a domestic species recognized by the mottled pattern. It frequents warm and even hot places, often in boiler rooms and near heaters. This habit leads to its common name.

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strange bug
Hi there, I’m from Edmonton, Alberta. I’ve found some strange bugs in my bathroom and I have no idea what they are. I don’t have a picture, but they are about two centimeters long, grey and they look almost exactly like trilobites (a prehistoric crustacean extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago) Here’s a picture of what a trilobite looks like, I hope it will help.
Thank you very much.

Hi Carla,
Since Trilobites have been extinct for millions of years, we can eliminate that posiblility. Silverfish are one of the most primitive groups of insects. They frequently are found in bathrooms. I’m guessing that is what you have. They are household pests which damage books.

Ed. Note: We just recieved this notice which probably identifies Carla’s trilobytes.
(01/16/2005) Carla & trilobites
I used to live in Edmonton too and I can tell you that those sure aren’t silverfish. Carla has SOWBUGS. They are totally harmless but really creepy, and they love to live in your basement. They are also impossible to keep out of your home. Here is a great link to information on the sowbug, which is really a crustacean!
Chelsea Smith
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

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