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Help identifying a bug
I attached a pic of the bug that has been plaguing my room. I found 8 huge ones around and under my bed (about 2″ long), and have found several smaller (0.5″) to bigger (1 – 2″) ones randomly in other parts of my room and in boxes. Could you please help me to identify it, and if so would you know any way to keep them from coming back? Thanks!

Hi Kym,
This is probably the most beautiful image of a Silverfish we have ever seen. If we could tell you how to eradicate the Silverfish from your home, we would be fabulously wealthy. They are found in dark warm places, and can squeeze through tiny places. They are found inside walls as well. They are generally considered household pests as they will eat starchy substances, including book bindings, fabric and wallpaper glue. They will also eat many food products including sugar, flour and cereals.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

silverfish photo
After thoroughly searching your website, it seems I have silverfish in my apartment (although this is the first one I have seen). Just thought you might need another photo to post, as most of the pictures of silverfish seem to be from the top angle. I live in Richland, Wa (south-eastern part of the state), and this silverfish was moving slowly across the carpet, and would repeatedly jump away if I got too close to it. It did not seem to be a fast runner, as my shoe was still able to get the better of it. Thanks for your site, it has been very helpful!
Melanie L.

Hi Melanie,
In addition to the angle, your image shows the silver coloration nicely.

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unknown bug sitting on walls
Dear Bugman,
I’m glad that i found your website, i live in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands and i keep on finding this bug in my house, always sitting on walls, or running around in the bathroom. For a couple of years now they seemed to be there. A few years ago they where only half the size and only apeared in the toilet and bathroom, always on concrete walls or floor. Now they also appear in my bedroom. I’ve tried to catch one but they are very fast. What i like to know is what this little bug is, can you help me?
Kind Regards
Nick D. (surname removed by request)

Hi Nick,
Silverfish are common household pests that are generally found in cool, damp, dark places, like the bathroom and under the sink. They have a reputation for ruining books by eating the glue in the binding.

silverfish 20 may 2006
Location: The Netherlands
July 17, 2011 4:18 pm
Hello Bugman,
I have send you a letter in may 2006 about silverfish, now the letter is signed with my name (nick d. [surname withheld by request]), each time someone types my name in google this page appears. My question is, can you please change my name in the letter (post on your site). It’s the silverfish letter from may 20 2006, kind regards, Nick.
Signature: Paul from the Netherlands

Dear Paul (or Nick D.),
We have removed your surname as you have requested.

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Hi. I live in Michigan and was curious about this bug. I see them in the bathroom sometimes along the crack between the floor and the wall, they are very fast and hard to photograph,(I had this one trapped for about a week hoping he would die so I could get a picture). He is still alive although he did change from brown to a very light color and is about 2.5 cm long. Not as interesting as some of the other bugs you feature but I wonder what this one is and if he changes into something else. Thanks,

Hi Melissa,
You have Silverfish, primitive insects and common household pests that are usually found in dark damp areas.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

What is this bug?
Hello bugman,
I found a few of these in my apartment. Can you tell me what it is? Sorry for the blurred picture. It does not stay still. This one is about 0.5cm but I’ve seen 1 mm to 1 cm in size. Thanks much and have a wonderful New Year! From Toronto, Canada. Yoon

Hi Yoon,
You have Silverfish, a common household pest.

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Whats that bug?
Hello bugman, I’m hoping you can help me.
I recently moved into a new apartment, and on the first night spotted a cockroach in the sink. It was between 1 and 2 cm long and was certainly a cockroach (no mistaking it). I had my unit sprayed and did not see any adult cockroaches since (its been about 4 weeks). I did however, find a strange smaller bug (5mm-10mm) in the bathroom on 3 occasions over the past 2 weeks. Once it was in the tub, the other 2 times on the floor. Each sighting was at night, however the bug did not run from the light. My first guess is it is some sort of cockroach nymph, as I’ve looked at pictures of cockroach nymphs and they seem to share certain features (including a horizontally striped body). On the other hand, the shape seems to be different, and my bug seems to have some sort of long tail. Can you tell me what my bug is? Is it a cockroach? I’ve attached a picture. I suppose its hard to tell from the image but the bug was relatively small.

Silverfish are primitive insects that like damp dark places like your bathroom at night. They are usually regarded as household pests and they will eat a large variety of organic substances. They have a reputation for destroying book bindings.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination