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I found this freaky looking crittur waddling across the floor of a laundromat in Pocatello, Idaho. She has eight legs like a spider, gigantic feelers (antennae), and a huge rear end, along with a very vicious-looking mouth. It is 1 inch long (not counting legs), walks fairly slow (maybe two feet a minute), and looks pregnant. I had to flip it over so you could see its mouth. It’s a little hard to see the third leg up from the back. Those appendages in the front are the feelers. I’ve never seen any bug like this before. Do you know what it is? Also, is it dangerous?

We’re cleaning house here at What’s That Bug? and have been posting letters which slipped through the cracks earlier. Solpugids are not dangerous. Looks like David shot this dead specimen on some laundry.

I live in Southern California… East of Riverside. I found a bug in my garage that I’ve never seen before… and have no idea what it is. It is about 1 1/2 long, yellowish-tan in color (except for the abdomen which is darker). On a larger scale it has a head like an ant. Each of its feet are like a combination of around six spikes with an extra claw appendage growing out of the middle of the spikes. It has no wings.
It almost looks like a huge relative of an ant or termite.
Any ideas.

Dear Scott,
It sounds like it could be a wind scorpion or solpugid. We often get photos of them from our readers especially those in drier climates. Check out the newly revamped Whats That Bug? website at and simply click on wind scorpion. Let us know if that is your critter. Here is a photo recently sent in but the letter is lost.