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Subject:  Several Mistery Stashes of what looks like brown seeds
Geographic location of the bug:  Windham, New York
Date: 12/15/2017
Time: 10:07 PM EDT
Thank you for taking the time to read/look into our issue.
My wife and I recently acquired a vacation home on the Catskills in Windham, New York. We have discovered in a few locations very small stashes of what looks to me like seeds of some kind, but I am no longer sure what we are finding.
It is always inside a bed, or folded towels, or folded blankets or laundry.
We do know there are mice in this area, but from what I understand, they wouldn’t be just seeds but no droppings. We have setup mouse traps and will continue to setup more, but again we only find seeds and no droppings. Not around the house or along the walls or any if that.
There is snow on the ground outside, so my gut tells me it may be a squirrel or chipmunk, but haven’t heard any noises nor have we found any acorns.
I am submitting a couple pictures to try to help solve the mistery.
How you want your letter signed:  George & Elena


Dear George & Elena,
Our best bet on this is that a rodent is stashing seeds inside your home as a winter meal.  You wouldn’t necessarily find droppings near the food stash.  We will be postdating your submission to go live to our site while our editorial staff is away for the holidays.


Subject:  Exoskeleton of a bug with fangs?
Geographic location of the bug:  Yorkshire, England
August 25, 2017
I found what appears to be an exoskeleton of a bug with fangs under a box in my house. It measures approximately 1.9cm in length and 1cm in width. Any help on what it may be will be much appreciated.
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Rodent Skull

This is an endoskeleton, not an exoskeleton, and it is not from a bug.  We believe this is a rodent skull.

Rodent Skull


Subject:  What’s That Bug?
Location:  Ventura, California
April 28, 2017
Dearest Bugman,
I live in Ventura, Ca a small coastal city about an hour north of LA. My home is on the hillside and I enjoy the small ecosystem in my neighborhood with a variety of birds (some of which sing morning and night), lizards, other critters I often do not encounter inside my home and a large variety of “bugs” of all types. I often have silverfish in my home and my practice is to acknowledge them and let them be, but I spotted this guy the other night on my kitchen floor and he looked a little different. I got down on the floor for an intimate photoshoot with this little fella, and also noticed that when I got close he would flutter small wings, but never really took flight. I snapped these shots with my iPhone and hopefully got enough details for you to determine just who my new friend is…  30 seconds after I switched off the kitchen light and sat down in the other room (with a view of the kitchen) I saw a mouse run across the very kitchen floor I had just been down and dirty on! Of course I screamed as this was my very first ever experience of any type of four legged animal in my domicile. I considered leaving for the evening and returning in daylight hours, but decided that it is my home and I will be a decent hostess even to the most unsavory of uninvited guests for a night or two. It took 3 nights and about 15 have a heart traps set in my kitchen by a professional, but the good news is it appears that there are no longer unwanted mammals in my home… which brings us back to the question at hand: have you seen this before?
Signature:  Melanie On the Irish Chain


Dear Melanie on the Irish Chain,
The Bristletail in your images is a primitive insect that was once classified with Silverfish and several other groups that have since been taxonomically divided, with Bristletails now being classified in the Order Microcoryphia.  BugGuide has some wonderfully detailed images of Bristletails.  Based on this BugGuide information on habitat:  “outdoor grassy or wooded environments: under bark, in leaf litter, rock crevices, or under stones; not normally found in homes, does not breed indoors, and not considered a pest” we would not classify this posting as a Household Pest, but considering your encounter with the rodent, we feel the tag is appropriate.


Subject: Please help…
Location: Pillow case and bed in RI
January 6, 2017 10:05 am
Hi, I just went into our guest room..(seldom used) and found these little black beadlike things all over the bed and discovered that they came from deep inside the pillow case!! There is hundreds of them…really hard but you can smash them…kind of white inside, or cream colored? The bed was slept in last night so it was unmade…I discovered these things all in the sheets but definitely the source was the pillow case…OMG! We live in Rhode Island in an old colonial style home, but I had the Pest guy over recently because we thought we heard a squirrel or something int he house but he found no evidence….what is this? Can you please help?
Thank you in advance…
Margaret Scully
Signature: Little black things

Rodent Stash: Pokeweed Seeds

Dear Margaret,
We have several postings in our archive that are similar, and while we have always suspected that this is the result of a rodent, like a mouse, stashing away seeds indoors, we eventually identified the actual seeds as Pokeweed Seeds.  Our suspicion is that a rodent was squirrelling away seeds in anticipation of a harsh winter.

Rodent Stash: Pokeweed Seeds

I have contacted the pest control guy and he is coming Monday…. Thank you so much for the identification, I am indeed consoled… and happy that it wasn’t aliens.
Have a wonderful New Year,

Subject: HELP!!!
Location: Canton, OH
February 24, 2016 11:59 am
I have now found 2 piles of these mysterious seeds in various piles of clothing. I cannot for the life of me figure out exactly what it is and how they appeared. They’re mostly flat, semi-shiny, light to medium brown, and slightly pointed at one end. I’ve google searched to my whits end but absolutely nothing looks like these….flax seed-looking…droppings? I have NO idea but a few days after I found this pile, the entire pile was gone. GONE. As in disappeared. I’m not kidding!! Help!
Signature: Scared and Alone In Home

Rodent's Seed Stash

Rodent’s Seed Stash

Dear Scared and Alone in Home,
Though we cannot tell you what kind of seeds you found, we are very confident that they were put there by a rodent.  Mice will frequently gather seeds and provision them indoors where conditions are comfortable, but where food is scarce.  We have several postings of Poke Seeds found indoors, but your seeds are different.

Subject: Black egg looks like seed
Location: Yardley, PA
January 14, 2016 12:10 pm
Today I found a pile of these black eggs nestling in the folds of a clean but not recently used bathmat. The cold weather just hit this last week but up until the first week of Jan 2016 it has been an unusually mild winter. The eggs look like seeds but they cannot be seeds as there have been no plants upstairs in this second floor bathroom. The mat has been sitting under the sink on this tiled bathroom floor for 1 to 4 months. We live in an old farmhouse and wear layers as we prefer to heat the house in zones and only during our active hours.
Can you help me identify these eggs so I can address this potential infestation appropriately? We don’t like chemical bug sprays so I’m crossing my fingers that these pasts will be relatively easy to expunge!
Signature: Devon

Poke Weed Seeds comprise Rodent's Stash

Pokeweed Seeds comprise Rodent’s Stash

Dear Devon,
We received several requests some time back with a similar situation and we surmised that the piles were a Rodent’s stash.  Later we identified the seeds as Pokeweed Seeds and we still maintain that a resourceful rodent created a stash of seeds to use as food during the cold winter months.

Daniel you are fabulous! I’m pulling out my stash of unused mouse traps and suspect that the field mice I am catching downstairs have decided to migrate upwards. My intention is to send them heavenward!
Bless you,