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Subject: Mantid hatchlings
Location: San Antonio, Texas
April 6, 2017 1:31 pm
My son called me out into the yard to show me he found praying mantid babies. He was very excited to show them to me and I was very impressed to see he was correct (he is 3). I think I found the oothica they hatched from, we had tons of mantids last summer/fall in our yard, so I am not surprised they laid an oothica there-but I am surprised I never noticed it (on the lip of the lid on the back side of the grill. Even more shocking is we have lit the grill a few times this year unknowing that there were baby mantids there. I am hoping we didn’t harm any of them when we opened the grill! I thought you might enjoy seeing these amazing babies! Enclosed is a photo of what I believe to be the oothica, and a couple of photos of the babies. The video would not send.
Signature: Awestruck and Hawkeyes

Mantid Hatchlings

Dear Awestruck and Hawkeyes,
Thanks so much for submitting your image of hatchling Mantids as well as your wonderful story about your young nature enthusiast.  Because of the quality of the image, we could not confirm that what you believe to be the ootheca on the grill is accurate.

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Subject: Small California Mantis?
Location: Los Angeles, CA
April 2, 2017 1:02 pm
Dear Bugman,
I thought I would share this picture of a very tiny California Mantis (I think!) that was on my flowerpot in Highland Park a few days ago. For scale, the lip of the pot is a little less than 1cm.
I was lucky to be able to get close!
Thanks so much for your wonderful site!
Signature: Moira

Newly hatched, probably California Mantis

Dear Moira,
This is definitely a Mantis, and we suspect it might be a hatchling California Mantis as we recently saw a hatchling in our own garden.  Other Mantids found in Los Angeles might be imported European or Chinese Mantids, and those species are much larger than our native species.  Were you by chance, in the past, the secretary of a homeowners alliance to which we belong?

Dear Bugman,
Thank you so much for the ID and for posting my photo!
By the way, no, I was not the secretary of the homeowners
alliance. (I’m a theatre professor and a puppeteer.)
Again, many thanks! Yours is one of my favorite sites to visit.

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Subject: Chrysalis?
Location: Southeast Pennsylvania
March 25, 2017 9:16 am
We found this on a knock out rose bush, that came with a home we just bought. We did find evidence of rose cane borers, but this doesn’t appear to be related. Did some searching for chrysalis and cocoons online, but they all see so much prettier than this.
Signature: Scott

Mantis Ootheca

Dear Scott,
This is the ootheca or egg case of a Preying Mantis.  When the weather warms, several hundred hatchlings should emerge.  Mantids are predators that will help keep unwanted insects from your plants without the use of pesticides.

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Subject: Praying mantis eats giant asain hornet
Location: In Asia.
February 11, 2017 4:06 pm
Last July me and my bros were playing video games and when we came outside to chill out a hornet flew in our home!. Then when we were
Trying to swat the wasp with our ps4 controller he flew in to this manties territory and he captured it with ease. So I took some photos.
Then at the end it was decapation.
Signature: Imb

Mantis eats Asian Hornet

Dear Imb,
We love your images of an Asian Mantis feeding on an Asian Hornet, however we do have a few questions we hope you are able to answer.  Asia is a huge continent.  Are you able to provide a city or country?  You indicated that the hornet flew into your home and that it flew into the mantid’s territory.  Was the mantis a pet?  Thanks for your contribution and your clarification of our questions.

Mantis Eats Asian Hornet

Mantis East Asian Hornet

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Subject: Tiny praying mantis?
Location: Pennsylvania
February 6, 2017 2:49 pm
I found this little guy in my university greenhouse, so the geographic location might not be relevant since it’s usually hot and humid in the greenhouse. He looks and acts like a praying mantis, however he is really tiny and grey! Please help
Signature: -J.D

Mantis Hatchling

Dear J.D,
This is indeed a Mantis hatchling.  When California Mantids hatch in our yard, they are about 1/4 inch long.

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Subject: Bug identification
Location: Petaluma, Ca 94952
February 4, 2017 8:23 am
I found this bug on a bush in my yard in Petaluma California on September 15, 2016. It’s about 2 inches long. It would be wonderful if you could identify it for me Thank you!!
Signature: Sharon Risedorph

Male California Mantis

Dear Sharon,
This is a native Preying Mantis in the genus
Stagmomantis, probably the California Mantis that is found in brown, yellow and green forms.  They are considered beneficial predators in the garden, though they will also eat pollinating insects.  Here is a BugGuide image for comparison.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination