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Subject: HELP!!!
Location: Canton, OH
February 24, 2016 11:59 am
I have now found 2 piles of these mysterious seeds in various piles of clothing. I cannot for the life of me figure out exactly what it is and how they appeared. They’re mostly flat, semi-shiny, light to medium brown, and slightly pointed at one end. I’ve google searched to my whits end but absolutely nothing looks like these….flax seed-looking…droppings? I have NO idea but a few days after I found this pile, the entire pile was gone. GONE. As in disappeared. I’m not kidding!! Help!
Signature: Scared and Alone In Home

Rodent's Seed Stash

Rodent’s Seed Stash

Dear Scared and Alone in Home,
Though we cannot tell you what kind of seeds you found, we are very confident that they were put there by a rodent.  Mice will frequently gather seeds and provision them indoors where conditions are comfortable, but where food is scarce.  We have several postings of Poke Seeds found indoors, but your seeds are different.

Subject: Not sure what this is
Location: Rockford il
January 29, 2016 9:23 pm
This is the second day night I’ve went outside and walked in my yard with my dog. Each night once I come I side I see this leaf like flat bug on my pants. First night it was only like 4 tonight was about 70 of them all up and down my sweat pants. This scares me a lot can’t find anything g online. Like I said both time I did not brush up against anything g or lean on anything. Please help me.
Signature: Kelsey Stephen s

Beggar's Ticks

Beggar’s Ticks

Dear Kelsey,
Though they are commonly called Beggar’s Ticks, these are actually seeds not bugs.  The seeds of plants in the genus Bidens have adapted to stick to animals’ fur or peoples’ clothing to help in dispersion.  See Illinois Wildflowers for more information on the plant.

Subject: Black egg looks like seed
Location: Yardley, PA
January 14, 2016 12:10 pm
Today I found a pile of these black eggs nestling in the folds of a clean but not recently used bathmat. The cold weather just hit this last week but up until the first week of Jan 2016 it has been an unusually mild winter. The eggs look like seeds but they cannot be seeds as there have been no plants upstairs in this second floor bathroom. The mat has been sitting under the sink on this tiled bathroom floor for 1 to 4 months. We live in an old farmhouse and wear layers as we prefer to heat the house in zones and only during our active hours.
Can you help me identify these eggs so I can address this potential infestation appropriately? We don’t like chemical bug sprays so I’m crossing my fingers that these pasts will be relatively easy to expunge!
Signature: Devon

Poke Weed Seeds comprise Rodent's Stash

Pokeweed Seeds comprise Rodent’s Stash

Dear Devon,
We received several requests some time back with a similar situation and we surmised that the piles were a Rodent’s stash.  Later we identified the seeds as Pokeweed Seeds and we still maintain that a resourceful rodent created a stash of seeds to use as food during the cold winter months.

Daniel you are fabulous! I’m pulling out my stash of unused mouse traps and suspect that the field mice I am catching downstairs have decided to migrate upwards. My intention is to send them heavenward!
Bless you,

Subject: What Are These?!
Location: Southern California
April 25, 2015 3:52 am
I work at a convenience store, and OVER NIGHT something laid seseme seed-like eggs in all if our employee cups!!
Ive searched the internet looking for answers, but found nothing! Is it dangerous, poisonous? Help us!
Signature: InconvenientEmployee

What's In The Cup???

What’s In The Cup???

Dear Inconvenient Employee,
We are flummoxed by your request.  This is so strange we don’t know where to start.  Were these things found anywhere but inside the cups?  Their rapid appearance and the specificity of their location seems to suggest a disgruntled employee, or perhaps there is a prankster in your midst. 

What Left This???

What Left This???

Subject: Ohio Small black shiny seeds?
Location: Northwest Ohio
April 12, 2015 10:21 am
Thanks bugman, here are the photos of my mysterious seeds / bug droppings
Signature: Jeffrey

Pokeweed Seeds, we believe

Pokeweed Seeds, we believe

Dear Jeffrey,
Thanks for submitting your images after providing a comment on a similar Seed posting on our site.  After much deliberation, we agree with a comment by Teri that these are Pokeweed seeds based on an image on the Ohio Perennial & Biennial Weed Guide, and that they are a rodent’s seed stash.

Good that they are seeds,
Bad how they got there
Thanks a lot!

Subject: This bug is destroying my life, please identify
Location: Eastern pennsylvania
March 28, 2015 9:18 am
This bug’s larval stage (I presume)is all over my home…inside and out. It is bothering my pets and bites me as well. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and know for a fact that temperature doesn’t make it go away. We have a wood pile in our yard for our wood stove and I suspect the problem began there. This is what it looks like as a grown up. Please help me
Signature: Kate



Dear Kate,
Two of the images you attached are of seeds, not bugs, but we are not certain what plant they will produce.  The third image is too blurry to identify.