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Hi Daniel,
These harvestmen aka daddy longlegs were on an oak tree I baited for moths. When I went to check it after it got dark, I found these two engaged in what I’m assumming is mating. This was photographed in Pike County, Georgia on 7/30/05. Bill DuPree
Atlanta, GA

Hi Bill,
We can always count on your for something interesting. Looks like the Harvestmen (and Harvestwomen) have some foreplay attached to their procreative processes. Thanks for the image.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Daddy long legs
I have seen several references to the bug known as "daddy longlegs" and most of them say that this is not a spider, but a true bug.
The bugguide has them under arachnids and I just wanted to clear this up. My daughter is trying to identify bugs in her collection.

Hi Jeff,
What an awesome photo or Daddy Long-Legs or Harvestmen from the Order Opiliones. They are arachnids, and related to spiders, but are not true spiders. They have no fangs and do not bite. They use crushing mouthparts to feed primarily on the carcasses of invertebrates that have recently died.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination