Broad Winged Katydid Nymph

Broad Winged Katydid Nymph Location:  Mt Washington, Los Angeles, CA May 20, 2012 At the end of last month, we photographed this Broad Winged Katydid Nymph in our garden and we did not have an opportunity to post the photo.  Though they feed on leaves, we do not consider Katydids to be a pest species … Read more

Milkweed Meadow Continued: Which Bumble Bee is it?????

August 4, 2011 We walked back to the Milkweed Meadow in Elyria Canyon Park this morning to check on the status of the two Monarch Caterpillars, Danaus plexippus, thinking that they might have transformed into chrysalides, but I could only find one of the caterpillars.  Hopefully the other was just elsewhere, or perhaps it found … Read more

Elyria Canyon Work Party: Weeding in the Milkweed Meadow

July 31, 2011 Each month, on the fourth Sunday of the month, the Mt Washington Beautification Committee, co-hosted by Clare Marter Kenyon and Daniel Marlos, meets at 9:30 AM near the Red Barn in Elyria Canyon State Park.  Clare takes the lead with native plant germination in the nursery and Daniel goes out weeding in … Read more