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Subject: Unidentifiable Bug
Location: Northern Thailand
August 2, 2017 10:22 am
I have been trying to figure out what the heck these bugs are. They appear to be mating, have antenna, wings and small but articulated bodies. We came across them in early May in Northern Thailand.
I’m hoping you may be able to help!
Signature: Duke

Mating, Sexually Dimorphic Tiger Moths

Dear Duke,
This is definitely a mating pair of moths, and we are relatively certain they are Tiger Moths in the subfamily Arctiinae.  They exhibit extreme sexual dimorphism meaning the two sexes do not look alike.  We cannot find anything similar on Farangs Gone Wild.  We will contact Tiger Moth expert Julian Donahue to see if he recognizes them.  We would not rule out that they might be in the Clearwing family Sesiidae.

Correction Courtesy of Karl
Hello Daniel and Duke:
These are a Picture-winged Leaf Moths (also known as Window-winged Moths), in the family Thyrididae. The species is probably Glanycus insolitus, although there are a few similar species. The iNaturalist site has a similar photo of a mating pair. Regards, Karl

Julian Donahue’s Response
September 4, 2017
Hi Daniel,
This arrived while we were on a month-long birding trip to Indonesia, but I see that someone has already identified them as thyridids (many of which are very leaf-like, but these are spectacular).