Signal Fly

Subject:  Possible fly species?? Geographic location of the bug:  Western Ohio, Youngstown area Date: 07/05/2019 Time: 08:22 AM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  We were on a truck delivery when we spotted this little guy on our side mirror. I never saw a bug like it before. He hung around, fended off a normal … Read more

Buzzard Signal Flies

Subject:  Flies on Zululand coast Geographic location of the bug:  South Africa, KwaZulu Natal, Mabibi Date: 01/25/2019 Time: 03:25 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Flies on a tree in coastal Zululand. Mabibi. How you want your letter signed:bewilderbeast Dear bewilderbeast, These are really crazy looking Flies, almost like toy flies.  This is only … Read more

Possibly Signal Fly from Australia

Subject: What bugs are these? Location: Cairns, QLD, Australia December 3, 2016 7:11 am Found these in my yard. Signature: CE Dear CE, We believe this is a Signal Fly in the family Platystomatidae based on this BugGuide image of a member of the genus Rivellia.  According to BugGuide they are found:  “worldwide, incl. most … Read more

Signal Flies from Seychelles

Subject: Fly identification Location: Grand Police, Mahe, Seychelles December 3, 2015 12:23 am Hello! We are currently trying to identify present species within the wetlands on Mahe (Seychelles) and we found these flies on a palm leaf in the forest. Any idea what it could be? Your help will be greatly appreciated 🙂 Signature: Kristina … Read more