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Weird beetle fly thing
March 29, 2010
I found a weird looking fly beetle thing while I was eating my lunch. No idea what it is. It has a head and proboscis of a fly but has a blue green luminescent body of a beetle. It look like a decorative christmas bauble. I don’t think you have one of these on your website. Or do you?
Any ideas?
Cheras, Malaysia


Hi Aidan,
That is one strange bug.  Its head and face are distinctly those of a fly, yet it resembles a beetle.  We are posting your mystery insect and we will try to get some assistance from Eric Eaton.  Your photos are quite impressive, and the views from three distinct angles will enable an expert to be able to assess this critter’s anatomy.  How big is it?


Until we find out exactly what this is, we are calling it a Beetlefly, or more correctly Beetle Fly, and though we rather detest the hyphen, in this case, it seems the most appropriate to be written Beetle-Fly.

Beetle-Fly (we made up that name)

Ed. Note
After receiving a comment from Mardidavana, we found Celyphidae, the Beetle Flies, on Wikipedia.

Well it is practically the size of a lady bird. By the way, who is this Eric Eaton? We just gave it some sugar water and it started sucking away with it’s fly-like proboscis.