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Under water worm
June 14, 2010
Found in New Caledonia in river flooded with sea water during high tide, moving slow, length more than 2 meter, looks like a rusty chain in the water, tentacles like a anemone
under water worm
New Caledonia

Unknown Aquatic Worm

Though we are uncertain how to classify this creature, we will start with Worms and hope one of our readers is able to provide additional information.

Identified as Sea Cucumber
Identifying New Caledonian Sea Creature
June 15, 2010
In response to request for help identifying a sea creature posted on Monday, I believe this is a “sea cucumber” (a type of echinoderm) with the scientific name Synapta maculata. Doing a search of that name will bring up several sites where one can find more information about it.
Dee Warnock

Thanks Dee.  Now we can create an Echinoderm category.