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Please help identify these home invaders
I have browsed through the common millipedes/centipedes and pantry beetles as suggested and haven’t quite been able to identify the insect invading my home. I believe it may be a centipede. These bugs first appeared en mass (about 40 found in half an hour) in my Toronto home at the end of March. They are very slow and ball up in their hard shells when approached. I do not believe them to be pantry beetles as I do not find them in my kitchen. They seem to be coming in from under the spare room (where there is no basement)where it attaches to the main house. I have hopefully filled the cracks now but would really like to know what these are so I can better prepare to defend my home. I apologize in advance that the 3rd picture is a bit blurry. Thank you,

Hi Karen,
These are not insects but Crustaceans. They are Terrestrial Isopods commonly known as Pill Bugs or Sow Bugs. Children sometimes call them Rollie-Pollies. They are more of a nuisance than a problem.

what is this?
dear bugmen,
enclosed you will find a strange animal i’ve noticed in lithuania last year in a window of a kavine baras, a bar in vilnius. it must be a kind of mixture between a woodlouse and a cancer and it was 18 cm long! it was taking a sunbath using a feeler to hold itself on the wall. don’t know was it alive or not… do you know what it is???greetings from berlin

Hi Mona,
We are researching your fascinating creature. It looks like a marine isopod to us, and we suspect it was placed in the window of the bar, dead, as a conversation piece.

Update: (02/14/2008) Mystery isopod answer
I was having a look at your sow bug area and I saw the photo of “Mystery isopod ( 20/03/2006 ). It is a marine isopod called Saduria sabini.
Alberto Delrio

Thanks Alberto,
We love getting old mysteries solved.

what bug is this?
Hi Bugman,
I was wondering if you know the name of this bug. I found it last week near a river in sydney. From what i remember the bug is about 3-4cm long. Thank you in advance.

Hi Phylis,
This is some type of Isopod. We found a photo of a marine specimen from Australia that looks very similar. A common name is Australis is Slater.

Thanks for taking the time to look. Realize this is not a true insect, but many of the “bugs” you i.d. are not, so hope you can tell me what this little (about an inch long) tank is! It was seen on a beach on Cedar Key in Florida in late summer. Thanks in advance for any help.
Jacque Merritt

Hi Jacque,
This is a Marine Isopod. We are not sure if it is Ligia occidentalis, which is found on the west coast, or some other species in the genus. It is sometimes called a Beach Cockroach Rock Louse or Sea Slater

Update:  June 7, 2017:  We are now confident, thanks to this Bugguide posting, that this is probably Ligia exotica.

Little shrimp-like bugs
Sometimes I find a bunch of these little guys dead on the floor of our downstairs bathroom during ant season, the little corpses sometimes attract ants. What is it?
Geoff Waters
Glendale, CA

Hi Geoff,
This is a Lawn Shrimp or House Hopper, Talitroides sylvaticus, a terrestrial crustacean. They become most evident just after rain when they are found dead inside homes. They are not a problem, just a nuisance.