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My son-in-law and daughter found this caterpillar on their property. They put their daughter’s size four shoe near it to show us us how large this thing is. Do you have any ideas and above all is it poisonous. Thanks,

Hi Wanda,
Your Cecropia Moth Caterpillar, despite its fierce size, is totally harmless. It will mature into a large beautiful moth.

hickory horned devil
My son,Tyler found this, I thought you might like the photo’s.
Thank You
Brian Marceaux
Vinton, LA.

Thanks for the image Brian. It is our first Hickory Horned Devil of the year.

My sons found a very large, green caterpillar this weekend in Traverse Bay, Manitoba, and I’ve been unable to determine what kind it is. They had been holding him in a ventilated can in the shade and noticed he had turned red. The boys gave him large leaf to eat, and later that day he began to cocoon using the leaf. We are hoping to witness the butterfly/moth hatch, and also were wondering when we should expect it to come along.Thanks SO much!!
Cheryl Pilek
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Hi Cheryl,
This is a Luna Moth Caterpillar. There are two distinct generations. Most sitings of moths occur in May. Your caterpillar will overwinter in the cocoon in the later generation. Seems your specimen might be a little off schedule, but we would guess it will emerge within a month so that its progeny will have the time to mature as caterpillars and form an overwintering cocoon.

Any idea what kind of caterpillar this is?
An hour ago I was out in the yard & came across this caterpillar..I’ve not seen it move much so I’m thinking it will be soon going into chrysalis or making a cacoon,whichever it does.The caterpillar was found on my Hyacinth bean vine . Unlike most women my age that I know I LOVE bugs.I go out looking for them..
Take care
Vicki Marshman
ps,,great site.

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for the compliment. Your caterpillar is an Io Moth, Automeris io. We have some adult moth images on our Saturnid or Silkmoth page. The caterpillar is very fond of cherry leaves. Careful handling that caterpillar. The spines can cause a stinging sensation if they penetrate the skin.

What is it?
This caterpillar was found in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada in July 2005. It is approximately 3 inches long. Do you know what it is?
Justen DePourcq

Hi Justen,
We believe this to be a Polyphemus Caterpillar, one of the Giant Silkworm or Saturnid Moths.