Do Caddisflies have a bad odor?

Subject:  Identify Bug Please Geographic location of the bug:  Keene, NH USA Date: 11/06/2019 Time: 04:13 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  All I know is it gives off an awfule scent. What kind of bug is it and where is the scent coming from? How you want your letter signed:  Frank F Dear … Read more

Zebra Caddisfly

Subject:  Need Help to Identify this Insect Geographic location of the bug:  Lanark County, Ontario, Canada Date: 01/13/2019 Time: 01:58 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  Hello, I have been unable to find any insect anywhere on the internet that looks like the one that I photographed in Lanark County, Ontario, Canada, in June … Read more

Scorpionfly or Caddisfly???

Subject: Help! Location: Central Texas March 26, 2016 4:48 pm Can you please help us identify this bug? Signature: Abby Dear Abby, We believe this is a Scorpionfly in the order Mecoptera, but we cannot find any images of individuals with black wings and an orange body on BugGuide other than Panorpa lugubris, which is … Read more

Black Dancer Caddisfly

Subject: ID help Location: Stamford, CT May 22, 2015 7:47 am Walking along a small river with a thin line of trees/shrubs on both sides in Stamford, CT on May 22, 2014, I saw this insect repeatedly on various tree and shrub leaves. There was no sign of leaf damage in the area of the … Read more