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This was feeding in my yard,can you tell me if it is a butterfly,or a moth…my son says moth..I did not care it was so pretty. thank you,
Sue Moore

Longtailed Skipper Buckeye

Hi Sue,
We have combined your two letters together as both images were of butterflies. The one your son thought was a moth is a Longtailed Skipper and the other is a Buckeye.

Bugman, an addition for your Food chain page…
Hello, Bugman! Noticed this camoflauged Crab Spider munching on a Sleeping Orange. I thought of the greatest insect website (yours of course), and took a few pictures for your Food Chain page. Enjoy! Big fan of yours,
Rachel Elizabeth
Dawson, GA

Hi Rachel Elizabeth,
You packed so many glowing compliments into your short note, and a wonderful image as well. How could we possibly not post your fabulous Crab Spider, which in this case earns its other common name, Flower Spider.

Common moth but what is it?
I ran across your site while trying to identify this moth. It was sitting on the garage floor on a cool morning. I would say it was less than 2 inches across. I live in Green Valley AZ, just south of Tucson.

Hi Chuck,
This is a Checkered Skipper, a butterfly in the genus Pyrgus.

A photo for your “food chain”
I love catching these shots. I was trimming my butterfly bushes today when I ran across this Green Lynx feasting on a butterfly. Enjoy!
Savannah, GA

Hi Sheila,
Thanks for sending in your wonderful photo of a Green Lynx Spider feeding on a Skipper. We also just cut back a dead tomato plant and found a fat female Green Lynx Spider that we relocated onto a live tomato plant. We are currently preparing for a lecture we have been asked to present next Sunday at the Los Angeles County Fair in conjunction with the Fair Exchange art exhibition. Our lecture will be devoted to creatures that a fair visitor might encounter at the Pomona fairgrounds and surrounding LA County vicinity. Your hefty digital file will save us the time of searching through our archives for an image to print and laminate for our lecture.