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30 May 2010
Last week I postponed the trimming of the carob tree because of a Hummingbird.  The female Hummingbird (I’m not sure what species because all Hummingbird females look similar)
built a walnut sized nest at the tip of a carob tree branch overhanging Killarney Avenue.

Hummingbird and Nest

Then she abandoned the nest, or did she?  I know hummingbirds have complex mating rituals where males high dive and stop creating a whistling sound in the tail feathers.  The hummingbird nest is composed of spider webs and lined with feathers.  I wonder if Anna’s Hummingbird has a symbiotic relationship with any spider species?  The female Anna’s Hummingbird may be the realtor in the family.  She finds the best territory near a food source and defends her nest and territory against all other females.  She may choose her mate based on how fast he flies and how loud he whistles his tail feathers.

Hummingbird on Nest

Spider with hummingbird
Hey Bugman,
Like everybody else I love this site!! I came home from work yesterday and saw this carnage outside my bedroom window. I had been watching this Golden-Orb Weaver (I call it the zig-zag spider) for days but was shocked at the attached picture. As I lifted the shade to get a better look at the female ruby throated hummingbird I also saw a poor cicada was also trapped in the spiders web. Needless to say this spider will not be hungry for many days. Just thought you might enjoy this picture. Didn’t know if you had ever seen anything like this before. This all took place in College Station, Texas.
Donell S. Frank

Hi Donell,
We are a bit nervous to post your photos (though that won’t stop us) because we fear that they might bring about the demise of numerous Black and Yellow Orb Weavers, Argiope aurantia. This is a most unusual catch for this regal spider, and we know that the nature loving public has a particular fondness for hummingbirds. Nonetheless, this is quite an amazing documentation. Thank you so much for sending the images our way.