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Bug on Mushroom on down Oak Tree
Location: Memphis, TN
June 5, 2011 2:46 pm
Mr. Bugman,
These little critters are all over a downed oak tree in my yard. As you can see, the white part is mushrooms growing on the tree. The bugs are primarily on the mushrooms, but are on other part of the tree as well.
Signature: David Gordon

Pleasing Fungus Beetles, we believe

Hi David,
We believe these are Pleasing Fungus Beetles in the family Erotylidae (see BugGuide), but we cannot make out enough detail in your image to be certain.  They most resemble the BugGuide images of
Ischyrus quadripunctatus, but we cannot make out the identifying four spots in your photo.

Thank you so much. I didn’t really need a genus, I just really needed to make sure they weren’t “harmful” like ticks or something I needed to make an effort to get rid of them.  If they are beetles, from what I understand, they are beneficial and I will leave them to live their lives in peace.
Thank you again,

costa rican beetle
March 28, 2010
This beetle was in the InBioParque in San Jose, Costa Rica last summer. It crawled to the sunny ends of branches and twigs. I only saw it by itself. Do you know what kind of beetle this is?
costa Rica, San Jose, InBioParque

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Hi again Jenny,
This is our final response for the night.  This is a Pleasing Fungus Beetle.  It bears a striking resemblance to Gibbifer californicus, the only species in the genus found in the U.S. according to BugGuide.  We posted a member of the genus from Costa Rica in 2007.  We searched for internet coverage of the genus from Costa Rica, and found a photo of a specimen on the La Anita Rainforest Ranch website that seems to look very similar to your individual, though we believe it is incorrectly identified as Gibbifer californicus.

Black spots on a blue beetle
Sat, Jun 27, 2009 at 2:00 PM
Hi – We were at Windy Point on Mt Lemmon in Tucson AZ at the end of May and spotted (get it? spotted?) this handsome fellow. I have never seen anything like him before. Can you identify him? I didn’t see his wings.
Tucson AZ

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Pleasing Fungus Beetle

Hi Julie,
Your beetle is Gibbifer californicus, a Pleasing Fungus Beetle in the family Erotylidae.  The family members are known as Pleasing Fungus Beetles and your specimen does not have a more specific common name.  According to BugGuide, it “Southwestern United States: Kansas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, south into Mexico ” and “Adults feed on nectar, pollen, and some fungi. Larvae feed on fungi that are attacking wood.”

Mystery larvae (or pupae?)
Wed, Nov 12, 2008 at 7:55 AM
I was visiting one of our local natural areas and I found these dense clusters of insects on the lower stems of several woody plants in a small area. They didn’t move at all when prodded. They were found in a mixed hardwood/pine woods with dense leaf litter on the ground. I haven’t done a lot of research on what these might be, but I’m wondering if this is some sort of beetle?
Alachua County, Florida

Netwing Beetle Larvae maybe

Beetle Larvae

Hi G.P.,
We believe these are Netwing Beetle Larvae in the family Lycidae. There is an image on BugGuide that looks quite close. We want to get an opinion from Eric Eaton on this curiosity.

Before you ask:
I suspect that the beetle larvae may be of the pleasing fungus beetle family Erotylidae rather than the net-wing beetles.  I could very well be wrong, of course….

Blue beetle
I found this in Flagstaff, AZ, while I was on a hike. It was on an Aspen tree. I’ve never seen a beetle like this before. Can you tell me what it is?

Hi Molly,
When we first received your letter, we couldn’t immediately identify your Pleasing Fungus Beetle, but we remembered the photo. Today, while researching larvae of the Pleasing Fungus Beetles, family Erotylidae, we stumbled upon photos of the adult Gibbifer californicus on BugGuide, and it matches your submission. So, after three weeks, we have an answer for you and we apologize for the delay.

whats my bug
Hello, I found these beauties while hiking in Western Pennsylvania. There were a dozen or so of these beetles enjoying the delicious fungus in the picture. Curiosity got the best of me and I snapped a few pictures. Thanks,

Hi Brian,
They are pleasingly attractive beetles, and they eat fungus. Someone thought to name them Pleasing Fungus Beetles, Megalodacne heros. Here is a nice side by side comparison with a smaller relative, Hegalodacne fasciata.