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Hi there,
i need your help to identify this bug i found in our kitchen. We have recently become infested with lots of them and need your help so that we can take care of the problem. They are found near our cats food in the kitchen and under the cooker as there are lots of cracks. i have found them where cats hair & dust is the most gathered, can you help?
Jimmy (UK)

Hi Jimmy,
You have a type of Dermestid Beetle Larva that include many Pantry or Larder Beetles and Carpet Beetles. The larvae can be infesting the cat food as well as eating the cat hair that accumulates in dark corners.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

My husband and I found this beetle in our back yard. I have lived here on the North Coast of Oregon for 20+ years and have never seen one like it. He or she was under our dogs (kiddie) pool. Sorry for the bad pictures!

Hi Shannon,
There is a good reason your beetle was found under the pool. It was probably once in the pool. You have a Diving Beetle, from the Family Dytiscidae and the genus Dytiscus. They can be recognized by their dark brown coloration with yellow along the sides of the prothorax and elytra. They are voracious predators that feed upon tadpoles, small fishes and insect larvae.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

What about this bug that I found on my living room floor, in Perth, Australia?
Paul M Bartley

Hi Paul,
You have some species of Weevil, Family Curculionidae, the largest Family of Beetles. They are plant pests. Sorry, I can’t be more specific.

Update: 29 November 2008
Since our site migration last summer, we have had much work to do reclassifying old postings from our archives. Since this entry was originally posted, we have identified this unusual Australian Weevil as an Elephant Weevil, Orthorhinus cylindrirostris . Substantiating photos can be found on the Brisbane Insect Site and an Australian Forestry Images Website.

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Found in Dried Noodles with mold!
This was the most descusting thing that Ive seen in quite a while. I was grabing a ramen and noticed a mold bag of noddles that had previously been opened. I took a second look and about One Hundred of these tiny little bugs where cralling and falling out of the bag! What are they and How can I get rid of them.
P.S. I decided NOT to eat the ramen.
Kyle G.
Austin, TX

Hi Kyle,
You found Grain Weevils in your Ramen. They are a type of Pantry Beetle easily identified by the snout. Obviously a female beetle got into the bag and layed eggs. This is just one reason there is an expiration date on foods.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

what is THIS?
HI there, I know winter and spring bring all sorts of things into the home but ive never come across this typ of insect. They have been in every room in my home and im really concerned because i have a 2 week old baby. It looks like it may have a stinger???
Angie, Windham,NH

Clean out the Pantry Angie,
You have a species of Grain Weevil. They won’t sting, but they will eat grain products you keep in the kitchen.

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Here are several pictures of invertebrates that my wife has taken. She is a sales rep for a company that sells garden products and she uses the pictures to train garden center employees to identify local pests. First, is a grub I found in my front yard here in Vancouver, Washington. It was about an inch long. My wife doesn’t know what it is. Any ideas?

The next two are photos of a slug, one in front of a measuring tape. Nearly 10 inches long! What a beaut. The last two are European crane fly, in the adult and larval stages, respectively. Just something to add to your collection.

Wow Evan,
Thanks for all the awesome images. We are starting a new page devoted to snails and slugs thanks to your great images of a Banana Slug. We aren’t sure exactly what your grub is, but it is a type of scarab. We love the image of the larval Craneflies, known as Leather Jackets.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination