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Please help me identify this bug.
I live in Salisbury, Maryland and found this bug in my house. I assume it’s a beetle, but am concerned it could be a roach. Just wanted to ease my mind. Thanks for your help.

Hi Deb,
Many of the Ground Beetles, Carabidae, are black with red legs. I can’t identify your exact species, but I can tell you that they are predaceous, and will kill other unwanted pests around the home and garden.

Hi, Bugman. I love your site, although I’m glad I don’t have any of those bugs at my place! The one I found is bad enough. I found it in my front yard in suburban Chicago. Can you ID it?
Jerry Palm

Dear Jerry,
You have photographed a dead Caterpillar Hunter, Calosoma scrutator, one of the Ground Beetles from the family Carabidae. They are predaceous, feeding on insects and other small animals. They are especially fond of caterpillars. They help to control Gypsy Moths and Tent Caterpillars. Adults will climb trees and they can also fly, often being attracted to lights in the spring. They are beneficial and should not be killed.