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Whats this green bug?
Whats this green bug? Found it last month in Bristol UK someone suggested it’s a “Green horned beetle” or a French friend said a “mante religieuse” but I cannot find it in my book

Hi K,
We know of a site devoted to common UK Beetles, and this beauty is identified as Oedemera nobilis, the Thick-Legged Flower Beetle in the family Oedemeridae. The site states: “This spectacular metallic-green beetle is usually seen on flowers. Only the male

British Flower beetle (very pretty)
Hi again, another picture that i took today whilst out and about. Found this beetle on a Clematis plant which i believe is “Oedemera Nobilis”, this is a Male, as the female lacks the swollen hind legs. Its one of the prettiest beetles i have found in the UK in Hertfordshire.

Hi Ben,
Please forgive our lengthy delay, but we have had technical difficulties. We received another photo of the Thick Legged Flower Beetle after yours. It is a lovely beetle.