Bess Beetles

Subject:  Beetle Geographic location of the bug:  Lampeter PA Date: 06/13/2018 Time: 01:57 PM EDT Your letter to the bugman:  What kind of beetle is this. It makes a hissing noise. It digs and buries itself in mulch. How you want your letter signed:  Derek Dear Derek, These are Bess Beetles or Patent Leather Beetles, … Read more

Bess Beetle with Mites

Passalidae with a hip hairdo Location: Arlington, Texas, heavily wooded area March 25, 2011 7:23 pm I used your website to id this as a bess bug, but I’m wondering what the little red bumps are around its horn? Parasites? They didn’t appear to be moving, but it was running about so it was hard … Read more

Bess Beetle or Horned Passalus

What is this guy? I am resending this message, being that the original was sent during metamorphosis. Since my original message, he chewed out of the bug home the teacher had for him in the classroom, the kids had to do a search for him and found and released him. Hi, My son found this … Read more

Bess Beetle from Thailand

Ceruchus??? Dear Bugman… I found this big guy (around 4cm long) in rotten wood, in tropical forest (around 1000m elev, Thailand)… Is it a Ceruchus? Thank you in advance for your help and website, great idea! Gilles Hi Gilles, This looks to us to be a species of Bess Beetle in the family Passalidae. Bess … Read more

Bess Bug

Could you tell us what this thing is? It was almost 2” long – quite large – and making a sort of hissing noise. We found a tiny tick looking beetle crawling on it and did pry that off and kill it, whereupon the beetle settled down a bit, but still was making this noise. … Read more