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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

I just caught and moved 5 more of Lefty’s and Digitalis’ fry that hatched exactly 2 months ago.  There are now 25 younger siblings and 4 older siblings, three of them gold.  There are a few fish in this new generation that have only 1 pectoral fin.  By my count, 2/25 of the moved fry have 1 pectoral fin, but these handicapped fry do not seem in any way less hardy than their siblings.  It is quite odd though that there are fast growers and slow growers in each batch, and with each passing week, the size differential seems greater.

Lefty (on right) and Digitalis with fry

After moving 5 fry, I caught some Mosquito Larvae to feed the fish, and I decided to set up a “studio” in the back yard with white paper so I could photograph the Mosquito Larvae, making them the Bug of the Month for May 2010.  I have been feeding the Angelfish Mosquito Larvae since last year, and the fish really love them.

Mosquito Larvae

Update:  May 5, 2010
I caught and moved 10 additional fry to the growout aquarium today.  I have moved 35 from the newest spawning to date.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

April 24, 2010
Last weekend I took the last ten fledgling angelfish to Tropical Imports and traded them for a new timer.  The growout aquarium still has three gold angelfish as well as the striped runt from last summer’s spawnings.  Then I captured 5 of the largest fry that are being raised by Lefty and Digitalis and I moved them into the growout aquarium.  They are doing well with their older siblings, though they may be older cousins.  I do not keep track of the parentage once the fry are moved to the growout aquarium.  I just caught 6 more fry and they are acclimating to the water change before I release them into the growout aquarium.  I hope to move several additional batches of the larger fry to thin out the ranks in the parent’s tank.  Lefty and Digitalis are feisty and protective parents.  They splash water out of the aquarium when I feed the fry, probably because they remember loosing their previous generations of fry to the net.  These fry were spawned on February 24 and became free swimming on March 2, so they are nearly two months old.  I will try to take some photos to add to this posting.

Six Fry Acclimate to growout aquarium

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

April 3, 2010
Today I moved 8 fledgling Angelfish out of the grow-out aquarium and into the community aquarium, where they might be sharing space with their parents Boris and Media Luna, though some may be the progeny of Lefty and Digitalis who have 5 week old fry and some of them are starting to look like Angelfish.  I am going to keep three gold Fledglings and the smallest fledgling in the grow out aquarium, and I will be taking the remaining 10 to Tropical imports, perhaps to trade for a new timer.  There were 22 fledgling Angelfish, 8 Rummynose Tetras, and 1 Corydoras cat in this tank at the time the photo was taken.  The community aquarium now has 8 Fledglings with Boris and Media Luna, 3 False Emperor Tetras that swim at the top of the aquarium, a male and female Black Phantom Tetra, 6 Cardinal Tetras, and two Rams.

22 Angelfish Fledglings before the move.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

March 29, 2010
Lefty and Digitalis still have at least 60 surviving fry.  They are getting larger each day and there is quite a size discrepancy between the largest and smallest fry.  The largest fry are eating smallish mosquito larvae that I have begun catching outside in a water feature in the front yard.  The fry are over one month old.

Lefty (top) and Digitalis continue to care for fry

Boris and Media Luna started laying eggs this afternoon.  They have begun laying on the glass despite the fact that I cleaned off the filter intake tube yesterday, removing all the algae.  Yesterday I cleaned the filter and changed about a third of the water.  Last week I fed live Tubifex Worms to all three aquariums.

Boris (top) and Media Luna spawn

Any eggs that drop from the glass are getting eaten by Media Luna.

Boris (top) and Media Luna spawn

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

March 16, 2010
Lefty and Digitalis laid eggs on February 24, and the hatchlings began swimming on March 2.  They have been swimming for two weeks, and there seem to be about 100 fry.  They are not all growing at the same rate.  I feed them newly hatched brine shrimp and frozen baby brine shrimp at least twice a day, and on days that I don’t have to work, I feed them four or five times a day.  Since the young have been swimming freely for two weeks, I expect that their chances of survival are good.  Last weekend, I took 12 of the largest fledgling Angelfish that were born last summer to Tropical Imports and traded them for $30 of food.  If the current youngsters grow at about the same rate as their older siblings, I will need to move them out of the aquarium they currently share with the parents and into the grow out aquarium in about a month.  At that time, I may need to have traded in all the older siblings.

Digitalis and Fry

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

March 4, 2010
It has been three days, and Lefty and Digitalis have at least 100 small fry that have been swimming and eating baby brine shrimp for two days.  There are no remaining fry from the previous spawning, but these fry seem healthy.

Lefty (left) and Digitalis with Fry

Hopefully, the situation with nonviable spawnings has passed.

Digitalis with fry

Update March 10. 2010
A week has passed and there are still at least 75 fry surviving.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination