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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

I recently went out onto our concrete porch early this morning to find dozens and dozens of bugs that look sort of like ants but they have wings. Also, two or three of them seem to attach to each other to make a little "train." I sprayed a bunch of them with Orange Cleaner and it seemed to kill some of them. We had a new bag of cat litter sitting on the porch that we haven’t brought inside yet, and it seems that the bag is infested with these bugs now. I live in North Carolina, please help me!!!

Dear Infested,
You probably have an ant swarm, which is the winged nuptial flight of the future kings and queens. Not all ants in a nest are reproductive.Most are infertile female workers and soldiers. The new kings and queens take flight, often after a rain, and mate in the air which explains the "train" you witnessed. Then they return to earth, dig a hole (your cat litter was a soft spot that appealed to them) and the new pair set up housekeeping, forming a new colony.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

We have been invaded and infested with small ants (sweet ants). What is the best and cheapest way to get rid of them.

Dear RD,
You probably cannot truly get rid of them but there are many theories worth trying including Chinese chalk. Just seal up the cracks where they enter the house and keep the place spotless. They love sugar and grease.

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Dear What’s that Bug,
The ants which have invaded my boyfriend’s apartment have a special love for my panties. Every morning, I find that the previous day’s pair has been invaded by an army of panty-crazy ants. I know that it is most likely the delightful scent I impart to this intimate clothing which attracts these lustful insects, but I find the whole situation to be a bit distasteful. Is there anything I can do to keep the anties away from my panties?
Ant Bait
Dear Sugar Snatch,
I don’t think you want to resort to spraying your panties with Raid™ or some other insecticide, and I also don’t think your boyfriend would appreciate you changing your delightful personal aroma. I think the solution is to pick up after yourself and not leave your panties strewn about the floor where the ants can find them. You can also try washing them by hand and hanging them to dry so that you have a fresh pair of panties after your sleep-over.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination