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I saw that you were starting an amphibian page, maybe you would like to add this one to your collection. It is a tiger salamander from our acreage just North of Gibbons, Alberta. I must say that I really enjoy your site.

Hi Lynn,
We sort of started the amphibian page for selfish reasons. We get Slender Salamanders in our own garden and it was an excuse make the public aware of them. We really aren’t trying to branch out too much, but the interconnectivity of all life on the planet is a concern of ours. Thanks for adding your Tiger Salamander to our fledgling Amphibian page.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

found in thousand oaks, ca
This is our friend Ned, we found him under a rock in our backyard. At first we thought he was a worm, then noticed his eyes and tried to ID him as a snake… then we went and looked again and noticed he had feet. Could you help us ID him? Thanks!
John & Nicole

Hi Nicole and John,
We knew this was a Salamander, since we find them in our own Mt Washington, Los Angeles garden. We discover individuals in our own garden when we move firewood that has been in contact with the ground for long periods of time. We did a bit more researdh and have discovered on a website that the Slender Salamanders in the genus Batrachoseps are a California specialty, occasionally straying into Oregon and Baja California Mexico. The taxonomy is quite confusing, and there are about 20 species. Your letter and image have inspired us to create an Amphibian page on our site, and we will photograph our own darker Slender Salamanders the next time we encounter one.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

Nursery Web or Fishing Spider? (plus, they’re just cool pictures!)
I live in the lowcountry of South Carolina and found this spider on my back patio a couple of weeks ago. The toad is a baby one, maybe about 1″ – 1 1/4″ long. I took so many pictures, this guy (gal?) must have gotten sick of my camera’s paparazzo flashblub because he took off across the lawn, taking the toad with him. I haven’t seen him since. I understand that, assuming this is the type of spider I think it is, that the bite is not lethal or particularly dangerous, but what if they get into a house and bite a small pet? Or even a baby or toddler? Thanks so much!

Hi Samantha,
Wow! What a wonderful photo. This is a Dolomedes Fishing Spider, and it appears to be feasting on a Tree Frog. All spiders have venom, and it is possible that a bite could affect a sensitive person in a negative way. It is a sure bet that it would cause discomfort like swelling and or itching.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination