Case Bearing Moth Larvae from UK

Worm like creature
Location: Newport, South Wales , United Kingdom
May 10, 2011 8:10 am
After recently cleaning under my bed (The first time in a while) I came across a worm like creature no longer than _____ this space when constricted.
They appear to have what seems to be some material wrapped around their torso for protection/domicile/cocooning and stretch outward to pull much like a snail does.
I found them mostly individually and around collections of dust.
I would like to know what this bug may be and whether I may have a possible infestation ?
I found close to thirty of them in my bedroom, the warmest room in the house.
Thank you for any feedback you could give me.
Signature: Mr R Heaney

Case Bearing Moth Larvae

Dear Mr R Heaney,
You have relatively benign Case Bearing Moth Larvae.  They feed on natural animal fibers, and while it is possible that they might damage a wool rug, they are more likely than not feeding upon shed pet hair.  Vacuuming more regularly should help to control their prodigious numbers.

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3 thoughts on “Case Bearing Moth Larvae from UK”

  1. i recently found the same bugs in my bed. i have only seen two. one was alive and crawling on my sheets and the second i found was dead(dried looking) im not sure what these are. i recently has a pest control person come out and spray the house in and out. im not sure where these are coming from. I have a down pillow(duck feathers) are they coming from there?

    • I have exactly the same problem. I also have a down pillow duck feather and duvet. I wonder if it is coming from there?

  2. I recently discovered that we have a case bearing clothes moth infestation. I have found many in their little cases all over the house. A couple days ago, my toddler said her bottom hurt. Looking closely, I found something that looked just like one of the case making larva on her anus, wrapped in a little case that looked white and fluffy – it looked like it could have been made out of the stuffing in her pull-up and her bottom was very irritated. I have read extensively about the clothes moth and I know that they supposedly only eat natural, animal fibers, and like to hide in dark places that are not disturbed. But I am finding the larva on polyester, fleece, on our sheets, and then on my baby’s bottom. Do you think it could be a different kind of bug that also makes a case? These wormy things are always in little spun cases like the ones in this picture.


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