Case Bearing Moth Larvae eat Catfood

Subject: catfood insects
Location: North central Florida
March 27, 2016 5:52 am
Hi, lately I’ve noticed some kind of insect or something around the catfood bowl. They arrange around a solitary piece of catfood in a flower petal fashion. At first I thought some type of silverfish, but these don’t have any noticeable antennae or feet. I thought they must move extremely slowly, but recently I noticed some move. They appear to gather around a piece of wayward dry catfood for days. When I first saw them, they were completely around a piece of catfood and it looked like (from a distance) a plastic flower or something, so I picked one of them up. They almost cotton-like to the touch. Any ideas?
Signature: //Dan

Case Bearing Moth Larvae eating cat food.
Case Bearing Moth Larvae eating cat food.

Dear Dan,
We are amazed that the organized manner in which these Case Bearing Moth larvae are eating cat food.

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  1. I have what looks like small gnats that attack my cats canned food if any is left in the dish. And there seem to be a few in the house flying around. What can I do to get rid of the?


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