I Have No Clue! but we do!
If you can see from the picture- I took some Coquina Shells home from the beach- laid them out to dry and….. I saw about a dozen of these black bugs coming out of the shells the next day- and have no clue if there were brought home from the ocean, or were from my back yard. I’m without an identification book here, and found your site– can you help identify these awful looking things?? All I can say is thank goodness they are outside!!

The real reason you should be happy the shells are outside should be the stench. Obviously the shells stank badly enough to attract flies as well as Carrion Beetles, Silpha americana. These beetles are attracted to putrification in many forms, including dead animals and fungus. They perform a necessary scavanging activity as well as being valuable to forensic science by helping to determine the time of death when bodies are discovered.
P.S. Your photo is awesome.

Thanks for your quick reply!! Yes, I know the smell is unbelievable- I knew that would happen, but the beetles!!!! No Way! I’ve just never seen them before, and my first reaction was, well, a typical “girl” response— Unfortunately, I have noone around with the stamina to dispose of these …. things…..- I assume they will wander away on their own??? Thanks again, just another typical, “you’ll never guess what happened to me” story!
Jill Guenther

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