Thank you so much-This is my Carrion Beetle
I found one with out a doubt. My Carrion Beetle was eating on a dead snake. There is a bug under the Carrion bug in the image to the far right. I don’t know what that little thing is. You can also see an ant on the brown leaf. Thanks a bunch.
JoLynn Self
Choctaw County, Oklahoma

Carrion Beetle Banded Netwing Beetle

Hi again Jolynn
Since you didn’t provide us any information on the Banded Netwing Beetle, and since both submissions were going on the beetle page, we combined the submissions to cut down on some of our work. Here at What’s That Bug?, we believe if you want a job done, you should go to a busy person, but if you want a job done quickly, you should go to a lazy person because a lazy person will think up the path of least resistance to expedite the situation. We confess we have the lazy gene.

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