Carpet Beetles

can you help me identify these bugs?
I found these bugs in one of our storage units. Can you tell me what they are? I attached a photo. thank you!

Hi Dennis,
You have an Anthrenus Carpet Beetle infestation. Adult Carpet Beetles feed on pollen, and are usually noticed by homemakers when the congregate on windowsills in an attempt to reach the outside world. The larval form is the phase that does the damage. These fuzzy larvae feed on wool, feathers, fur and other animal products. They can do major damage in museum collections. Adult Carpet Beetles reach a length of about 4 mm. Your beetles look like Anthrenus verbasci, the Varied Carpet Beetle.

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  1. This picute is idnetical to the bugs I have foudn lately in my home. What is a natural non pesticide way to get rid of them. We recently got a hamster–is that what is bringing them out in full force? We find 1-2 every coupe of weeks (today I found 3) but hvanet seen any since 2 weeks ago.
    I also have a lizard and a guinea pig. These are usually on my window sill and they were on top of my bed cover tonight (no it was NOT a bed bug, definitely 1 carpet beetle)
    Will vacuuming, steam cleaning and then some DE help do the tricK?


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