Carpet Beetle, we suppose

Small bug found on guest bed!
Location: Central FL
January 15, 2012 10:53 pm
I found this bug while changing the bedsheets on our guest bed. It hasn’t been used for almost a year and I have been doing some cleaning in there. I went in today to lay down some clean sheets and found this little guy on the foam topper that lays on the mattress. I really hope it’s not a bedbug! I searched the creases of the mattress and between the mattress and box spring but couldn’t find anything else. I have guests coming in four days. Should I be worried?
Signature: Elizabeth

Carpet Beetle

Dear Elizabeth,
In our opinion, this appears to be one of the Carpet Beetles in the family Dermestidae, a group that includes many household pests.  Many of the Carpet Beetles look very similar, and yours is a close match to a
Megatoma variegata which we found on BugGuide, though it is only represented on BugGuide from the western states.  We are not terribly concerned with the range report on BugGuide as Carpet Beetles tend to be cosmopolitan in their distributions.  Carpet Beetles feed on a wide variety of organic fibers and substances including wool rugs an upholstery, taxidermy specimens, fur coats, museum specimens, pet hair and even stored foods.  They will not bite your house guests.

Thanks for getting back in a timely manner! Glad to hear it isn’t anything serious. Thanks again!

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