Carpet Beetle Larvae eat doggie Kibble

Subject: Ew, some kind of beetle larvae?
Location: Virginia Beach, Virginia
July 24, 2015 5:20 pm
Found this kibble of dog food behind some kitchen furniture, noticing it is a maggot nursery! What kind of beetle/bug is nesting in my kitchen?’
Thanks 😃
Signature: Maggot spotter

Carpet Beetle Larvae
Carpet Beetle Larvae

Dear Maggot spotter,
Maggots are the larvae of flies.  You have Carpet Beetle Larvae, common household pests that will eat a wide variety of organic substances found in the home.

Thank you 👍  I had carpet beetles in the kitchen for a short while, (I think they hitched a ride with some old dry compost plants I bought at food lion !) but haven’t seen them in a few months …

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