Carpet Beetle Larva

would appreciate info on this bug
I’ve been finding about 4 of these critters a week under my bed for a few years. On a couple of occasions, I’ve found them where I work, so they may be parasitic, and living off of me. The pictures show one 3 mm long by 1.5 mm wide, which is as big as they get. On three very rare occasions I’ve seen one (of a different sex, I imagine) which is twice as long, less round, and more conical, and with long hairs on its tail. All are brown on top, tan on the bottom, with 2 rows of legs, about 20 legs each.
They are very inactive, and quite robust, being able to survive 24 hours in the freezer, or 2 weeks without food. I’ve made a short movie that shows one using it’s many legs to flip over, and run away. It’s in Real Player format, and can be found on the web at
Here are four pictures, next to a penny, with the last picture being of the rarer sex. Flipped over so can see legs underneath. Diff sex, looks smaller coz of camera distance, but is twice as long, conical, and with hairs on tail
Thx in advance for your help.

Hi Luis,
Only one of your photos arrived, actually four copies of the same image. Based more on your description than your blurry photo, it seems you have Carpet Beetle larvae

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  1. Hi there,
    I have been trying to identity of a bug I found walking across my kitchen floor. This bug may be about an inch long. The body is green with multi colored phases around its full length but spaced down its body, No tentacles front or back. The face is black. When I tapped it took off 3x the speed on short about 16 legs and feet. He had a straight body thinner than a pencil, Does anyone know what it is?


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